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In this lesson, you'll watch a short film clip, learn some idioms, and practice introducing yourself.
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Hi {{answer_MSsT}}, Watch this short clip from the film "Office Space."

Don't understand? Click CC to turn on subtitles.
What does it mean to space out?

Hear this phrase at 17s

What does it mean to indulge someone?

Hear this word at 42 seconds

What does it mean when Peter says that he doesn't see another dime?

Hear this phrase at 1:07

What are layoffs?

Hear this word at 2:01

Now it's your turn! Upload a 2 minute summary of a typical day for you. Include the time you wake up, your activities in the morning, afternoon, and evening and what time you go to bed.

Use your smartphone or vocaroo.com to record your introduction and upload it here.
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